Welcome to RAW RAGS..

RAW RAGS is my passion,,,

I create one of a kind clothing , designed minute by minute with the use of a feelings..looking at the garment and starting creating until a sensation of completion is reached..

Hope you will appreciate the time and effort put into every piece.

I also make on request in the RAW look ,,make in almost every sizes and colors , just ask me ..

The web-shop payment only works in Dkr , so to make an INTERNATIONAL order , please mail.

piakokholm@gmail.com  ,  please copy picture of the selected style/styles  in the mail , and we can work something out . 

PAYMENT can go through PAYPAL .

1 Dkr = 0,18 USD = 0,13 EU = 0,11 GBP

If any question please don´t hesitate to contact me , thanks ..


RAW RAGS by Pia Kokholm   ,SHOWROOM  Storegade 26 6880 Tarm , HOMEPARTY bookes på følgende.

Mail. rawragsbypk@gmail.com   TLF. 0045 41 12 10 01

Love making lace up in the back , makes the dress adjustable to fit more sizes..